Is Ali Lohan’s Relationship With Sister Lindsay A Toxic One?

May 5th, 2009 // 4 Comments

The New York Daily News gathered up some behavioral experts to discuss the possible unhealthy influence Lindsay Lohan is having on her younger, limelight-craving younger sister, Ali Lohan.

Pyschiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow suggests, “The course Ali is taking appears to be more in the direction of copying than in shrinking from the cameras and the revelry.”

I know, the revelation is almost too shocking to be believed. Especially since Ali’s already long since admitted that this is the case. It’s a shame there isn’t a mother or father figure in these kids’ lives. And I’m fully aware they have parents, but I prefer to think of them more as investors.

Gallery Info: Lindsay Lohan, Ali, Lohan, Steve Aoki, Taryn Manning, Brittany Flickinger, Natasha Henstridge, Samarie Armstrong, Jonathan Schaech, Chris Evans
and Adam Rodriguez at the LG-sponsored Haute & Bothered launch party at the Sunset Tower in West Hollywood.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. lachica

    the problem isn’t Lindsay — it’s their mother Dina. Allie is 14 — she has no business hanging out like this on a school night. and Lindsay is beyond pathetic for having no friends, which forces her to hang out with her 14 year old sister. and both girls are sad for having such a fame whore for a mother.

  2. Scarlet

    Ali looks ten years older than Lindsay. What the hell is a 14 year old doing looking like that? And yeah, who lets their kid out partying at that age anyway? It’s sort of ironic she’s famous for nothing apart from being related to Lindsay, who’s pretty much famous for being a party girl. She hasn’t had a decent movie in years.

  3. american dreamer

    I’m not startled by Ali Lohan’s appearance because most young girls try to dress provacatively for their age–my daughters do it too.

    What disturbs me is Lindsay Lohan is so far gone that she can’t even keep it together for the cameras….she is gnawing on her fingers, slouched, her hair and clothes in disarray….she is clearly pretty far gone and is deep in crisis….I honestly think this girl is losing her mind to addiction and is heading for a complete breakdown or worse.

  4. tony the tiger

    I get so tired with the constant barrage of news items on Lindsay Lohan in the papers, magazines, blogs and especially t.v.

    The only reason she gets so much coverage is that she feeds our morbid interest in watching someone ruin themselves. (How ironic that Lindsay doesn’t realize this is the only reason she attracts so much attention.)

    I keep thinking it will all finally come to an end but everyone keeps pumping out stories on this loser.

    At this point it is kind of boring.

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