Is This Really Happening?! ‘Magic School Bus’ Film Adaptation Trailer [VIDEO]

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The Magic School Bus nostalgia is hitting me like a ton of bricks today. Anyone who grew up watching this show can probably relate to how I’m feeling right now.

In short: This needs to happen!

Movie makers, please take note of this amazing fake, fan-made trailer and create this masterpiece. Time to start casting the characters. Who would you all like to see play Miss Frizzle, Ralphie, or even Phoebe?

I personally think Danielle Panabaker or Danneel Harris-Ackles could make a good Phoebe.

My only issue with this trailer (spoiler alert) is that we don’t get to see who could portray Miss Frizzle. Granted, she’s stuck in hell, but I would have still liked to see her appear. There is no show without that eccentric woman.

Fans of the popular television series, check out this trailer and let us know what you think! Leave your dream cast suggestions in the comments below!