Is Taylor Swift Dating A Boston Rapper?

Taylor Swift is 'Vogue'
Swift shows off her penchant for fashion in 'Vogue'
Taylor Swift's New Home
Taylor Swift buys home near boyfriend Conor Kennedy.
– A new report has surfaced that links Taylor Swift to Boston-born rapper. [Celebrity Dirty Laundry]

Robert Pattinson suggests that the Twilight series continue with a gay twist. [Towleroad]

Jenny McCarthy tried to have sex with a tree while high on ecstasy. [The Blemish]

– 8 celebrities and the tattoos that they should have. [The Frisky]

Elton John and David Furnish have another baby on the way! [OMG Blog]

– Over the weekend, Ryan Lochte competed for the first time since the London Games — meaning he was finally back in a (revealing) Speedo. [Buzzfeed]

– The most bizarre facts we learned about Sally Field from her New York Magazine profile. [Gawker]

Girls executive producer Judd Apatow reports that Lena Dunham’s Emmy-winning comedy already has the go-ahead to shoot a third season. [Vulture]

– MTV explains why they don’t play music videos anymore. [The Frisky]

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