Is Selena Gomez Going To Sign With The Same Label As Katy Perry?

April 10th, 2014 // Leave a Comment

All music stars seem to experiment with a different sound at some point, but hopefully a label change won’t end up changing Selena Gomez‘s style all together.

Selena’s four album contract with Hollywood Records is up, and she recently signed on with Direct Management, the same management company that Katy Perry uses. Could this mean Selena might end up signing with Katy’s label Capitol Records

Selena’s music has been working for her lately, so hopefully this major switch doesn’t also majorly change up her sound. A new management team, fine. A new label, great. An entirely different musical artist, not what we’re looking for.

Speaking of these two ladies, I would be interested to know what Katy and Selena think of each other. Katy is so out there and Selena seems a little more down to earth – they seem very opposite to me.

Selena was seen recently hopping a flight out of Miami, where she was doing some recording and some hanging out with Justin Bieber. Oh jeez. Could these two be on the mend and getting back together again? I sort of hope not. There’s been enough drama with that already. Time to move on.

By Caitlin Anders

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