Is Neil Patrick Harris Returning To Broadway? Kind Of! [PHOTOS]

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Neil Patrick Harris is on top of the world right now. Between a successful TV show, a solid film career, and a happy beautiful family, is there anything NPH can’t do well? As his TV show, How I Met Your Mother continues it’s 8th season, Harris has decided to return to his Broadway roots, if only for a moment.

The actor attended and performed in a one night only production of the 1990  Stephen Sondheim musical based on history’s most famous assassins of the past, present and future, aptly titled Assassins. Harris had previously been cast in the 2004 Broadway revival, for which it won the Tony Award for “ Best Musical Revival,” so many of that revival cast, such as Michael Cerveris and Dennis O’Hare, were also present to perform in the benefit for the Roundabout Theater Company.

Could this be the revival of Harris’ stage career as well? Let’s hope so. Not that it really needs a revival; Harris could walk onto a stage at any time and a chorus would welcome him with open arms. “My worry is I’m going to do this one night and then be dying to get back on stage and do a full production,” he mused. Continuing, he says, “I’d love to do something very against type. I’d love to revive something dirty and raw … to do something radical like Hedwig, something that would really be outside the box.”

With the critics giving the show rave reviews back in 2004, I’m sure the assessment on the concert will be unanimously positive once again. Maybe that will give Harris and his husband, David Burtka, just the push they need to return to the East coast to be on stage full time. “Our  plan after How I Met Your Mother wraps up the series is to head east. David’s a New York theater guy, he’s done Edward Albee and Gypsy on Broadway, so he’s clamoring to get back. I think that’s a great place to have our kids raised and go to school,” Harris explains.

No matter what he does, whether it be stage, TV, or film, Neil Patrick Harris seems to always be followed by a shining light of success. And I, for one wouldn’t mind getting to see him dance and sing again. I’m still having Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog withdrawals.

Check out the gallery to see the reunited cast of Assassins, starring Neil Patrick Harris.

By Marcelle Luna

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