Is ‘Liz & Dick’ Is Overworking Lindsay Lohan?

June 21st, 2012 // Leave a Comment

Hmm, possibly! That’s what two Hollywood unions think, since they’re investigating allegations that the actors and crew members are being overworked on the Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton biopic.

Lindsay Lohan, playing Liz herself, tweeted that she worked “85 hours in 4 days,” which is definitely a surprise, given her work ethic as of late. But I don’t know if Liz & Dick is going to be the comeback LiLo thinks it’ll be; the train wreck starlet was in a literal wreck herself not too long ago. Think maybe the curse that plagued Liz’s love life is working its “magic” on the movie set, or are other, uh, factors to blame?




By Joycelene Fernandez

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