Is Kim Kardashian Making Beyonce One Of Her Bridesmaids?

Kim Kardashian Pre-Wedding
The bride-to-be got her nails done in Beverly Hills.
The wedding is happening in May, and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are hard at work planning the best, and probably most elaborate, day of their lives.

Kim and Kanye were seen out shopping together in Paris, probably taking care of last minute wedding details. Kim was wearing a white lace dress with a blue base, but ended up changing dresses in the van to a black velvet one. Personally I liked the first one better, but I guess she got tired of it?

Another thing Kim is apparently tired of is fighting with Beyonce. The pair are rumored to have not gotten along for years, but now Kim may be putting it beyond her by offering Beyonce a spot in her wedding party. 

That’s right, Beyonce might be one of Kim’s bridesmaids! Two powerhouse ladies in one wedding party – what a ceremony that’s going to be. Now if only North and Blue Ivy could be the flower girls. I would die.

I’m sure North will be at the wedding, but apparently she wasn’t invited on the honeymoon. How rude. That baby has so many adorable outfits, she would have been a perfect addition to the honeymoon photos.

Jay Z and Kanye have quite the bromance going on, so I’m sure part of Kim and Beyonce’s friendship has to do with their husbands. They should just get over it and be best friends, because I really want to see some pictures of double dates between the two couples. Those would be epic.

As the big day gets closer I’m sure there will be more wedding news and drama to share and freak out about. I can’t wait!