Is Kelly Osbourne On The Right Track?

Kelly Osbourne was born into fame being the daughter of infamous rocker Ozzy Osbourne. However, she has made quite a name for herself as well. In the past couple of years that name has earned an increasingly upward reputation. After leaving many of her childish teenage ways behind she competed on Dancing With The Stars in which we saw her lose an impressive amount of weight. Since, she has been looking great and has even landed a spot on E!‘s Fashion Police alongside other A-List personalities. In addition she has even became friendly with her musician-daughter peer Miley Cyrus. All these developments have been great for Kelly’s reputation and career. On the side of the spectrum, she ended her relationship and engagement to Luke Worrall.

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After four trips to rehab, Star Magazine, reports that Kelly might be having a relapse with drinking. In the past Osbourne herself stated that, “Even a glass of wine would probably mean me getting s**t-faced and then being on drugs and doing something stupid.” However she seems to have forgotten this rule. One occasion in particular and eyewitness told of Osbourne at Elton John’s Academy Awards party. Picture together above, apparently Osbourne got so sloppy she could barely stand. “It was day and night,” an onlooker said about Kelly, who just hours earlier covered the Oscar red carpet for E! News. “She started slurring her words and stumbling around the room — she couldn’t hold a normal conversation!” And things soon went from bad to worse. “She looked like she was going to throw up!” Let’s hope she quickly realizes her mistakes and gets back on the upward slope.