Is It Just Me Or Do Tom Daley’s Speedos Seem To Be Getting Tinier? [PHOTOS]

Not that I’m complaining.

Tom Daley is seen here today (October 5, 2012) during the first day of training at the 19th Fina World Junior Diving Championships 2012 at the South Australian Aquatic and Leisure Centre in Adelaide, Australia.

Yesterday (October 4, 2012), Tom enjoyed some volleyball on the beach with some friends.

Daley and his team seem to get along quite well. The group is seen sharing a laugh or two between dives. Tom is set to make his first competitive appearance since winning Olympic bronze at next month’s World Junior Diving Championships.

Daley, 18, heads a 12-strong British team for the six-day event which begins in Australia on 8 October.

“The World Juniors is always a high standard, so I will be going into the event aiming to perform my six dives to the best of my ability,” said Daley. 

Daley will make a rare appearance on the 3m springboard where he will partner Jack Laugher in the synchro.

“I am really looking forward to testing out synchro on 3m with Jack,” added Daley, who won platform silver behind Qiu at the World Junior Championships four years ago.

“This is the first time I will be doing 3m synchro at an international, but we’ve been training well together and I think our synchro is good.

“It’s not my main event but I am looking forward to giving it a go in a competition setting.”