Is It Getting Hot In Here Or Did The Release Date Of ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Just Get Announced?!

Yea… you heard me right!

All you “red room” fanatics it’s about to get steamy up in here!!

If you didn’t understand the sexy reference above, I’m talkin’ about Fifty Shades of Grey here people!

The whole ‘Charlie Tango’/helicopter graphic couldn’t have been more purrrrfect! For those of you who have to catch up on your “Shades”, they cleverly referred to one of Christian Grey’s sexy assets!

E.L. James, author of the series, tweeted as well, “Good morning all. Hot news – we have a release date!”

This lovely bundle of news was bound to come sooner rather than later since it was released a week ago that Sam Taylor-Johnson agreed to direct the movie.

There have been a multitude of mega-hunks that have been name dropped as possible Christian Grey’s, but as of right now this guessing game will continue to keep us on our toes!

Who do you all want the incredibly tantalizing Christian Grey to be played by?

Ian Somerhalder? Alex Pettyfer? Joe Manganiello?