Is It Fact Or Faux? Rachel Bilson Spotted Donning A New Neck Tattoo At LAX

Hayden Christensen
Brosef grabs a smoke
Brunette beauty, Rachel Bilson was seen at the airport sporting a new tattoo consisting of a cluster of four multi-colored stars on the left side of her neck.

Knowing the former O.C. stars chic fashion history, it seems out of character that she would decide to get inked. Bilson’s reps told E! News that the tats are “for a role”. The Hart of Dixie actress was wearing a comfy casual get up consisting of black sweats, an oversized sweater, and a baseball cap.

I just love when celebrities look like just regular Joes in public. It makes me realize that they are just people. I mean, super fabulous, rich and famous people but nonetheless people.

Ms. Bilson also recently rocked the cover of Cosmopolitan’s May issue where she dished about her seven-year relationship with Star Wars cutie, Hayden Christensen and how she (spoiler alert) can’t wait to start a family.

“I definitely have family on the brain,” she confessed. “Having kids is something I want to see in my future—I hope.”

So tell us, do you think Rachel’s new tat is becoming?