Is Eddie Cibrian Secretly Texting Brandi Glanville?

Secretly, I’d love for this to be true.

Brandi Glanville’s tweet created a firestorm when she insinuated that Eddie Cibrian was texting her up for booty calls again. Did she say Eddie’s name in the tweet? No. Did she mention an ex-husband? No. Did she mention the dude was texting behind his gross new wife’s back? No. And yet everyone still believed it was about Eddie because that’s the way she wanted it to sound.

Just a day after Eddie and LeAnn celebrated their second wedding anniversary all over social media, Brandi tweeted, “If an ‘ex’ reaches back out to u with a ‘hey’ or ‘sup text,do not fall 4 it! They dont want u back they just want 2make sure ur still invested.”

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