Is ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ Star Jared Leto Chopping Off His Gorgeous Locks Before The Oscars This Weekend?

Erin Cosgrove | February 28, 2014 - 11:30 am

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If you’re not excited for the Oscars yet, I have only have one question for you: why not?

Jared Leto, who was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his incredible work in Dallas Buyers Club has returned to hopefully claim his award.

Will the actor be cutting off that gorgeous hair before walking the red carpet Sunday? He just might be.

Jared’s hair stylist, Chase Kusero talked about the matter when speaking with The Gloss. Kusero commented, “‘[Jared and I] were going to shock everybody and show up for the Academy Awards with a haircut, but it’s looking so good that we don’t really want to cut it.”

Can I get a sigh of relief or a hallelujah? The hair gets to stay, and we all get to lust after or envy it.

Don’t expect to be seeing the locks flowing in the wind. Kusero is considering going for a wet up look. Does that mean the man-bun could be returning? That look was fabulous!

Maybe it will be similar to how Rayon had her hair during Jared’s super emotional scene in Dallas Buyers Club.

What are your thoughts on the dashing man? Launch the gallery to relish in his long-haired perfection and let us know your thoughts below!