Is Courtney Stodden Good For Feminism?

April 10th, 2012 // 1 Comment
A Very Stodden Xmas
Courtney Stodden Santa
Courtney Stodden gets a spanking from Santa. Watch »

Hot hooker mess Courtney Stodden is making the rest of us ladyfolk look good, according to journalist Jessica Blankenship.  And you know what?  I kind of agree with her.  

Unfortunately Stodden hopped on the dumb-is-popular train a bit late, and now she’s making a fool of herself without the benefit of a hefty paycheck.

“We appear to be rounding a crucial corner where we go from rewarding these women for being sh-tty, to blatantly holding them up as entertaining examples of how to have no self-respect, nor be able to earn it from anyone else,” Blankenship writes in Thought Catalogue, adding that by overdoing it with tanning, waxing, slicing and so on, these cheap-looking ass hats are making the real gals look a whole lot better. 

“By relegating the dumbest women to tabloids and casting calls, the overarching state of feminism gets the benefit of having them out of our way as we conduct ourselves mightily and gracefully in the real world, and we get to hold them up as bimbolicious beacons of unbridled wrongness for the next generation to reject entirely,” Blakenship goes on to say.  ”So go get it, Courtney Stodden, hunt those eggs; work those over-cooked chicken legs you got. Feminists everywhere thank you.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. Mike

    This is ridiculous. Courtney Stodden is good for women, but not for the reasons you state here. For women, the problem is not “bimbos” as you state her, but rather that other people feel the need to call them “bimbos.” Courtney Stodden does not make other women look good by comparison simply because she is a “mess.” It is people like you who force women into an impossible to obtain ideal of perfectly chaste, graceful, and composed, that are the problem. Women should be able to express themselves sexually, physically, and emotionally regardless of how they dress or “over-cooked” their legs may be. By slut-shaming and attacking this women for her personal choices, you have shown that you do not understand what feminism is truly about, or what it is truly trying to accomplish. Better you write about something more suited to your intellectual level than try your hand at an issue and complex and important as this one.

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