Is Blake Lively A Good Fit For Chanel? A Few Say No…

March 29th, 2011 // 8 Comments

Blake Lively‘s new role as the face the Chanel‘s Mademoiselle handbag line doesn’t thrill a few people.  Chanel USA has its panties in a bunch over Lively’s appointment because her look is too “off-brand.”  This is fashion talk for “Lively doesn’t represent what Chanel stands for, which is impossibly high price-points and and a lifestyle only few are stylish enough to enjoy.”  Pish posh.  Lively’s superbeautiful and glamorous, and it’s my belief that she embodies the spirit of the high-end brand.

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New York Daily News got wind of Chanel USA’s reservations over the Gossip Girl star’s new role, which we assume to be true.  Alas, their opinion doesn’t matter much as it’s up to Karl Lagerfeld to make the decisions, and those who gripe about it are rumored to get the heave-ho.  According to Women’s Wear Daily, Lagerfeld said back in January that Lively is “a kind of American dream girl.” The two met back in July when Vogue editrix Anna Wintour introduced Lagerfeld to Lively during couture week in Paris.  After that, Lively was on her way to becoming the Chanel’s newst “It” girl.

Lively was on the west coast set of Gossip Girl March 24th in a scantily-tied sarong.  No doubt Serena wouldn’t bat an eyelash if that thing were to come undone.

Do you think Lively was a good choice for Chanel?

By Kelly Lynch

  1. marina

    She’s great. If Blake Lively isnt suitable for Chanel who is? She is part of the Hollywood new generation. Any brand in the world should be proud to have her as a model.

  2. ashley

    She’s a perfect fit for Chanel. She’s gorgeous and she has talent. No one would be a more perfect fit. Blake’s the new “it” girl of Hollywood and also of fashion. Any designer should feel lucky to have her, Chanel included.

  3. jennifer

    Blake’s the perfect fit for Chanel. No one could have her talent and beauty. I love her!

  4. brianna

    I’m so glad Karl Lagerfeld picked Blake. She’s perfect for the spot. She’s classy and highly fashionable. No one can beat her style and she deserves being the model for the Chanel line.

  5. Jennifer B

    I think there are others out there better than her. Many of them.

  6. Reality

    Photoshop a mustache on her in that picture and she’d look like the lead singer of a southern rock band. Let’s face facts, without 20 lbs of makeup and perfect studio lighting she just looks beat.

  7. camille

    I don’t think it’s an entirely erroneous choice. Blake Lively is a decently hot topic right now, and a popular starlet, just starting a real career. It’s like any starlet on any fashion campaign. I understand that she doesn’t look too classy compared to the nicole kidman / audrey tatou / keira knightley campaigns, but exploiting it the right way it may lead to a wider audience. Not too Chanel, but I like it.

  8. jaime

    Chanel to me is woman 30+, perfectly made up, with a well cut suit. Blake would be a better ambassador for a more free spirited bohemian brand.

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