Is Amanda Bynes Losing Her Mind?

Despite her ranting about retiring from acting last June on her original Twitter account, Amanda Bynes then unretired in July via her account. Then later deleted her Twitter altogether in September.

Well, it seems that she’s back, tweeting, “I’m back!!!! tell everyone!!!!!!”

What is wrong with this girl? Is she crazy? Does she need a Britney-esque intervention? So far she’s chatted with Perez and posted a bunch of random pictures – including a rhinestoned starfish, weird mirror shots, her belly-button ring and her name on a sushi plate.

Thoughts? Is she just completely bored because she has no job? Aside from the face picture, I’m not sure it’s her…because I don’t think she’s that skinny…I’ve seen Easy A, have you seen her thighs? Okkkrrrr?