Is Alicia Silverstone Breastfeeding Bear Blu While Walking? [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

Mom & Son
The bullocks have a day out.
Alicia Silverstone chewing up food, then spitting it into her 10-month-old son, Bear Blu’s mouth is beyond disgusting.  Alicia Silverstone breastfeeding Bear Blu while walking around in Brentwood yesterday (March 27th) is on another level.  This type of behavior would never fly with Cher Horowitz.

I am so grossed out by Silverstone’s mother bird antics, which Dr. Jennifer Landa says not healthy.  “There are those who think that a mom chewing a baby’s food provides helpful enzymes from her mouth but it doesn’t seem like a hygienic practice,” Dr. Landa told FoxNews (via Us Weekly).

“Various viruses and bacteria, but especially herpes virus, may be passed from mother to baby,” the doctor added.  “These microbes present a challenge that the infant’s immune system may not be ready for.”

Clean it up Silverstone.  That sh*t is so nasty.  Watch the video of Silverstone spitting her food into Bear Blu’s mouth after the jump.