Is A Hot Young Actor About To Be Exposed? [Blind Items]

Lots of drama and activity around some photos and a video of a young man engaging in some very intimate behaviors. In the center of this controversy is someone who looks exactly like one of those suddenly hot actor kids.

Phone calls and emails are flying around with strong denials that it is the actor… while at the same time negotiating to buy the photos and videos. By the way, the intimate behaviors don’t involve another man or another woman. He’s just getting intimate with himself. (via Blind Gossip)

One more blind item after the jump.

We wish we had some good news about this celebrity, but there is none. His downward spiral continues. He doesn’t have much of a career left. Just a crappy TV show here and there. And – based on his current lifestyle – he is bound to lose even those gigs.

He is making a lot of bad choices, starting with his new “girlfriend”. She is also his drug dealer. He started doing drugs a while ago, but it has gotten much worse since she’s been around. Before her, it was “just” pot and cocaine. Now it’s the white horse. That’s right. Heroin. Every day.

We know you’re reading this, Dude. We hope you start making better choices for yourself. We suggest starting with three months of rehab. (via Blind Gossip)

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