Is 30 Seconds To Mars Splitting Up?

Jared Leto has been freaking fans out with talk of his band, 30 Seconds To Mars splitting up.  Though Leto didn’t confirm that the fellas are parting ways, he didn’t exactly assure fans that there’s nothing to worry about.  He told MTV, “Yeah, and I mean, it’s understandable why people would [think] that.  We’ve been really thinking about the future, and life and opportunities and choices and, really, I think when we’re done with this album cycle, then we’ll be ready to address the future.

So what the hell does this mean???? Are you guys calling it quits? “It’s been such an incredible, insane, crazy ride.  It’s been almost two years, all around the world more than a couple times,” Leto continued. “This global typhoon of shows and videos and creativity and madness. So, we need a little bit of time — I need a little time to catch my breath.”

That wasn’t a straight answer, Jared!

30 Seconds To Mars scored 3 Video Music Award nominations (airing August 28th on MTV), to which Leto (jokingly) pointed out,  “But the nice thing about these video nominations, they certainly would be a great way to say goodbye, wouldn’t they?  I mean, winning all three would be a pretty nice way to go out.”  Not funny.

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Instead of getting ourselves into a panic, let’s look at pictures from Leto’s photoshoot for Blast Magazine, which took place on the streets of Paris.  That hair.  It’s so Edward Cullen-like.