Gwyeth Paltrow Lets Her Picture Get Taken

Thanks for throwing us a bone this time, Gwyns. How come we can only get your picture when you’re shilling a movie? Hypocrite! Here’s Gwyneth Paltrow showing some skin at the Iron Man premiere in Tribeca. She plays Pepper Potts in the movie. Hopefully the Mandarin or the Titanium Man takes care of her ass. Yeah, I know Iron Man villains, Shut up!

Gwyneth has been stepping out in heels a lot lately, despite an injury she suffered on the set.

“I’m a capable heel walker but I had trouble with my knee while I was making the film and sometimes on stairs it hurts,” she says.

Everyone was on hand for this one, from the newly gay Michael Stipe (*eyeroll*) to Zac Posen (still the only fashion designer I’d get with) to Miss Diana Ross wearing galoshes and a couch! Ok, I’m lying about Zac Posen. I’d totally get with Michael Kors, too if I had enough drinks. I like leathery round men who sound like cockatoos being beaten with clubs.

Photos: Getty Images

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Photos: Getty Images