Iowa Man Turns Out To Be An Idiot

ordinarypeopleHow does one get chased by the police and barricade themselves in the courtroom where you are scheduled to appear?

An Iowa man who led officers on a highway chase that ended at the Clay County Courthouse Wednesday ran inside and tried to barricade himself in the courtroom where he was scheduled to appear, authorities said.

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office was asked to help find a pickup truck suspected in a hit-and-run accident on Interstate 29 in Union County. A state Highway Patrol officer Wednesday was pursuing the vehicle on Highway 50 into Vermillion, where the man stopped the truck in the middle of the street and backed into the courthouse retaining wall, said Clay County Sheriff Andy Howe.

“It seemed to just get more and more strange,” Howe told KVHT radio in Yankton Wednesday. “Typically the pursuits don’t come right to us as this one did. Officers actually left the sheriff’s office and the police department to go assist with the pursuit, only to find themselves right back here.” Jada Coover, of Sioux City, Iowa, had been scheduled to appear at the courthouse on charges of attempting to tamper with anhydrous ammonia, which is used to make methamphetamine.

After stopping the truck, Coover jumped out, ran into the courthouse and headed upstairs to the courtroom. The judge in his case had just dismissed the jury, and jurors were leaving the room as Coover burst in, Howe said. Officers cleared the hallways and asked people to leave the building. “He attempted to barricade himself in by holding the door shut, but officers were able to get in and take him into custody,” Howe said.

After Chase, Man Ends Up in Own Courtroom [AP]