‘Invictus’ Premieres In London

I could indulge to you how much I loved the movie Invictus, but instead I’d like to point out how much I admire Morgan Freeman not only as an accomplished actor, but also for the fact that he’s 72-years-old and still wears sunglasses at night.
That’s gangsta right there. 
I’ve always been one to support the theory that the sun always shines on the cool people and in London last night, plenty of cool people attended the Invictus premiere such as Morgan Freeman, Matt Damon with wife Luciana Barroso and director Clint Eastwood with wife Dina Ruiz.
Although the film and its actors has been nominated for various awards this year, including Golden Globes and SAG nominations, they have yet to walk away with any wins. 
Morgan recently told the Associated Press that regardless of his four Academy Award and five Golden Globe nominations throughout his career, “[Being nominated] hasn’t done anything for my career. When you get nominated, you’re getting pats on the back. Someone is saying ‘oh well done’ and that never gets old.”
You heard it hear first, kids. That gold statue isn’t the goal. Producing quality work is.
You may not be ready to play Nelson Mandela yet…but there’s always three spots opening up on Glee next season!