Introducing Leona Lewis

We know, we know, this news is a little British, but bear with us, cause we’re pretty sure this chick’s going to end up in the American press pretty soon and we want you to hear it from us first. Leona Lewis, the winner of the British musical talent competition show, The X-Factor, has already claimed the number one spot for Christmas for her debut single. The Daily Mail reports:

Copies of the 21-year-old Londoner’s cover of the Kelly Clarkson hit A Moment Like This began flying off the shelves at record stores as they opened at 9am today. She had already sold 150,000 downloads – meaning that she is now effectively in the top spot. Lewis, mentored by X Factor judge Simon Cowell, needed to notch up around 200,000 single sales to achieve No1 this Christmas. Record industry insiders predict she could achieve as many as one million sales by Sunday -far exceeding last year’s X Factor winner Shayne Ward’s total of 740,000 in his first week. HMV spokesman Gennaro Castaldo said: “Leona’s single is already the fastest selling download in history and is now almost guaranteed to be the fastest selling single of the year.”

Yes, I was nearly as successful at the ripe old age of twenty-one, that is, if you count working at a video store and scamming free pizza in exchange for free movie rentals to the boys who worked at the pizza parlor next door. For the love of God, please humor me and pretend that those two situations are remotely comparable.

Leona hits No.1 hours after single goes on sale in stores [The Daily Mail]

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