Confessions Of A Spray Tan Virgin [BEAUTY]

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Guess what?  Before this week, I had never gotten a spray tan.  Back in high school I hit the tanning beds hard (it was the 90s.  Give me a break), and self-tanner was a complicated ordeal I didn’t have the time nor tolerance for.

Now, in the twilight of my 20s, I agreed to take part in my first session with Tania Walsh, owner of Australian beauty brand Vani-T, which includes natural and organic tanners.

I needed a specific breakdown of what was going to happen before, during and after my professional spray tan.  Walsh understood, even though I sounded like an utter nutbug.

“The apprehension of getting it [a spray tan] done for most people stems from what they hear and what they see,” Walsh told me.  “Not all spray tans are created equal.  We worked 26 times back and forth with Velocity’s formula to get the color perfect, so you get a true, rich, genuine-looking tan.”

I looked down at my tan line, and it was as if 8 hours worth of sun exposure appeared out of nowhere. 

“Almost like an artist mixes colors to create the perfect shade, we did the same thing with our product,” Walsh explained.  “It’s a mixture of our ingredients, they way they’re all formed and pulled together.  Just the perfect amount of the active ingredient in it helps to give you that flawless, smooth, even, natural-looking color.”

Excellent, so what does one do to ensure a successful spray tan sesh?

“Exfoliate before your appointment-You want the smoothest skin possible,” Walsh said.  “And make sure you don’t have moisturizers, perfumes, or anything on the skin that could cause a barrier.  Ideally, shower as close to your tan as you can, because then your skin’s pH levels are at their normal peak.  One more thing: no makeup.”

Post-spray, how does one keep that South-Of-France look going?

“For the first four hours (when you’re first allowed to wash the spray tan off), no activity that will cause you sweat!  Once you’ve rinsed off, the best way to maintain your tan is to use lots of moisturizers.  Don’t go into pools (chlorine is a bleach and therefore removes the color from your skin).”

And if I want to keep that tan going past its expiration date?

“We have a gradual tanner (like a build-a-tan) which you can put on every day after you tan.”  Walsh said.  “It keeps sprucing up the spray tan.  In reality, you can have the tan last for weeks and weeks on end.”

So, what makes your tanning product better than most?

“We use a ll-natural, organic ingredients, including botanicals only grown in Australia.  It uses an essential oil blend.  Not only do those oils work on skin firming and toning, but theres’s also an essential oil that is an odor inhibitor that counteracts the smell.

“The product also includes Quandong, Cehami, Australian Kakadu Plum Extract and Vitamins A & E  toprovide intense hydration, advanced skin renewal and anti-inflammatory properties.”

I’m sold. Vani-T sunless products will soon be available for purchase in the states!

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