Intern Traci and Michael Prieve’s 60th Annual Emmy Experience!

September 23rd, 2008 // Leave a Comment

Last night the infamous Michael Prieve and I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Emmy Awards show and Governor’s Ball. As I noted earlier,
it gave me the chance to wear my senior prom dress again, which doesn’t
look as good as it used to. At least my skin looks a heck of a lot
better. (In case you are a product junkie like me, I’m totally hooked
on the Olay Definity line. Sheer coverage + Anti-aging + SPF = Color
Recapture Moisturizer. Makes my skin luminous!).

my hair made me look like the spawn of the Flying Nun and Bozo. Go
ahead and laugh, but you see what your hair does with too much
hairspray and 5 hours in direct heat. Tim Gunn took one look and ran — seriously. He’s really fast!

The show itself was pretty good. The Laugh-In flopped, but Josh Groban‘s performance was surprisingly funny.
Afterward we headed to the Governor’s Ball, which had a decent menu and
free Grey Goose. We saw Josh Groban with a girl on his arm talking in
third person. Cynthia Nixon almost bulldozed Michael over. Nicollette Sheridan tried to incinerate me with a dirty look. J.J. Abrams is hot in a nerdy way and Kate Linder didn’t look near as good once her sleeves de-poofed, but I’m sure J. Harvey still loves her very much.

apparently if you are a veteran you’re supposed to look lackadaisical
and begin each conversation with the phrase “Another year, another
show.” Hopefully Michael and I will get the opportunity to do that next
year. I HAVE to redeem myself for the clown hair…

By Intern Traci

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