Instagram Spotlight: Sexy Vet Dr. Evan Antin

Dr. Evan Antin holds the title of “The World’s Hottest Veterinarian.”

The handsome and hunky vet has 772,000 Instagram followers and it is not hard to see why. That face and body are definitely something to ogle.

The 31-year-old hunky doctor works at the Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital in Thousand Oaks, California. He specializes as an animal expert and exotic animal veterinarian.

In 2014 he was crowned the “Sexiest Beast Charmer” by People magazine, which he very rightfully owns.

Here are some of our favorite pics from his Instagram account:

Here’s another fun pic from my shoot with @basic_magazine recently. Thank you @mariuszjeglinski for capturing this special moment! Isn’t this #reticulatedpython I’m wrapped up in a stunna! Did you know #retics grow up to be the longest snake in the world!?? Almost 10 meters!…I’ve caught a few in the wilds of #southeastasia but only juvies, <2 meters. They’re non-venomous but have epic constricting abilities and that’s how they subdue their prey items. Like all snakes, retics don’t have ears but they do have another amazing sense…the ability to sense heat! Being often active at night they use the heat signature of potential meals (birds, lizards, mammals, fish) to find them Thanks again @priscilla_jocelynh for letting us play And scope out her page if you’re a reptile fan like myself #basicmagazine #snake #oldworld #exotics #wildlife #dontbeafraidofsnakesplease! #appreciatethem #theyaremoreafraidofYOUbtw #happyhumpday

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Just a couple derps Enjoy your weekend #henrybringsoutthespecialinme #derpups #keepitsimple

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Finally got me a #Bayawak (= Filipino monitor lizard)! This is an Asian water monitor which actually grows up to be the second largest species of lizard in the world! #1 goes to the Komodo Dragon, another species of monitor lizard, in nearby #Indonesia. Monitor lizards are hardy, #oldworld reptiles and I absolutely love seeing them in the wild and get totally stoked to work with captive ones at the hospital as well! This tough lil dude actually had a marked scoliosis along its lumbar spine, probably from being ran over by a motorbike or something. Fortunately, there wasn’t substantial nerve damage and it’s an old injury and he appeared to be doing relatively fine #reptile #monitor #philippines #jungle #night @tick_tock_croc @priscilla_jocelynh

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#jungle #riverbridge #hangingbridge #bohol #philippines #seasia

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#makingout with the sexiest pinniped in San Diego! I never expected a kiss on the first date!? Shout out to the @sandiegozoo for giving me the best day ever last week! FYI one of the many ways to distinguish sea lions and seals is that sea lions have small ear flaps (aka “pinna”) and seals only have a small hole where their ear canal opens. Sea lions can also rotate their hind flippers making them more adapted for walking on land. And both animals are extremely intelligent marine mammals capable of learning complex tasks and recognition exercises. Btw kissing sea lions tastes reaaaaally fishy #pinniped #sealion #seal #sandiegozoo #discoveredbythegermans #sandiego #awhalesvagina #wildvet #donttrytokissawildsealion #probablydonttrytokissoneincaptivityeither #fishbreath #squidbreath #imstraightbutillkissthisfellaanytime

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