Instagram 7: Sam Heughan, Ricky Martin, Ryan Phillippe and More

Here are our seven eight current favorite celebrity Instagram photos (and or videos) featuring Ricky Martin, Ryan Phillippe, Ashley Parker Angel, Zac Efron, Ian Somerhalder, Justin Theroux and Sam Heughan.

Ricky Martin – Go!

Ready, set, go.

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Ryan Phillippe – You better hurry up and enter.

Ashley Parker Angel – Don’t get burned.

Practicing my Incendio spell 🔥Comment below if you know the reference 🔮#booknerd

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Zac Efron – Beaching it.

♥️ Bondi 🌊😎

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Ian Somerhalder – Aw.

Happy Birthday to the most amazing human I know… Today, we celebrate you. For an innumerable amount of reasons I couldn’t even begin to describe, as all of those who know you and those who even don’t know you, would agree. It’s your day. The love and light you radiate to the world shines like a beacon for all to see. Its that love and light that guides me to the safe shores of home from the turbulent and sometimes treacherous waters of life. Thank you for your tireless pursuit of spreading good, being an instrument of change and seamlessly weaving the complex threads of our lives together into the warmest, softest and most magical blanket. Every day I get to watch you being you I’m constantly reminded of your beauty and prowess and how lucky I am to share this life with you. Love, Ian

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Justin Theroux – LOL.

Never give @jimmykimmel the keys to your car. #humbledouched #doucheybrag #thanks?

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Sam Heughan – Thank you!

Sam Heughan – Bonus! Sweaty Sam!

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