Instagram 7: Matt Bomer, Evan Antin, Sebastian Stan and More

Here are our seven current favorite celebrity Instagram photos (and or videos) featuring Evan Antin, Sebastian Stan, Ryan Phillippe, Jared Padalecki, Orlando Bloom, Nick Adams and Matt Bomer.

Evan Antin – When adorable meets hot.

I bet you’ve never seen one of these before!?? Meet “Apa” the Bush Dog! This is one of the rarest canids (=member of the dog/canine family) in the world and they’re native to the #Amazon #Rainforest of #SouthAmerica ! This lil munchkin made my week Bush dogs usually hunt in packs and can successfully predate animals far larger than them. Even tho they have short legs they can run for extended periods and with webbed feet they’re excellent swimmers too. Apa was confiscated from illegal animal traffickers and will not be a releasable candidate for the wild but instead be a permanent resident at the @yanacocha_rescue This rehab sanctuary does wonderful things for Ecuador’s native wildlife and I’m very thankful for centers like them and the countless people that volunteer their time in the name of wildlife ✌️Give them a follow if you like Amazonian #wildlife #ecuador #jungle #volunteer #whatdoyoucallahairlessbushdog #rawdoginthebush or #barebush? #itsapreferencething #saveourwildlife #

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Sebastian Stan – Look who is back!


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Ryan Phillippe – Running on the beach.

runnin this beach — @mensfitnessmag (@rikerbrothers) issue out 5/22

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Jared Padalecki – Ha.

Orlando Bloom – You gotta enter this!

Nick Adams – Hello.

Bananas 4 Bandanas

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Matt Bomer – Congratulations!

Here is a little bonus. Pics of Matt and his husband, along with Busy Phillips at the event.

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