Instagram 7: Danny Jones, Adam Lambert, Matt Bomer and More

Here are our seven current favorite celebrity social media photos (and or videos) featuring Adam Lambert, Matt Bomer, Glen Powell, Chris Colfer, Zayn Malik, Nico Tortorella and Danny Jones.

Adam Lambert – Fingers crossed.

Photo: @brianmayforreal

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Matt Bomer – Love this photo.

Glen Powell – You’ve got a Nick on your back.


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Chris Colfer – Rest up!

Resting up for the second half of the #TLOS6 tour. See you tomorrow at 7pm, Miami!

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Zayn Malik – Someone needs a trim.

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Nico Tortorella – So handsome.

hey girl. new @youngerTV episode tonight. 10/9c on @tvland

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Danny Jones – So massive.

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