Instagram 7: Chace Crawford, Adam Lambert, Pietro Boselli and More

Here are our seven current favorite celebrity Instagram photos (and or videos) featuring Adam Lambert, Pietro Boselli, Chris Hemsworth, Ryan Phillippe, Andy Cohen, Hugh Jackman and Chace Crawford.

Adam Lambert – OMG! The cutest!

Nap like an Egyptian

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Pietro Boselli – Hopefully we will make it.

Chris Hemsworth – Aww.

Ryan Phillippe – Out of focus and still looking good.

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Andy Cohen – Gym buddies!

Hugh Jackman – Hear him roar!

Hi. @wponx @20thcenturyfox

A post shared by Hugh Jackman (@thehughjackman) on

Chace Crawford – We know what we’d like to squeeze.

Just makin sure the juice is worth the squeeze

A post shared by Chace Crawford (@chacecrawford) on

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