Inside Britney Spears’ Malibu Home

September 22nd, 2005 // 28 Comments

These photos are from the World of Britney. They are supposed to be from the Federline’s new Malibu home. The decor is pretty tacky, so the may be legitimate.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Well, such a relief that for once Kevie remembered to put his crack pipe away.

    And aren’t double-wides supposed to be a little less tacky these days?

  2. Cheesy

    I’m sorry–we’re to believe that Brit decorated her son’s room with a Dora the Explorer rug and blow up chair?

    Yeah, it’s tacky. But no way is that her place.

  3. tempy

    preston michael is going to have madd issues. not only are his momma and daddy ig’nant but he’s going to have a sexual identity crisis because they decorated his room with Dora the Explorer.

    maybe that could be their house. kevin got kids floatin everywhere.

  4. timk

    I didn’t know they made trailers that big.

  5. Fugly room

    The rooms are so ugly. Let’s hope that Britney’s money can buy a real decorator and that these rooms are fake…because…DAMN…I can decorate better than that.

  6. Shuuuuut up

    Britney? do something tacky? No…Never!

  7. Yeah..Whatever

    I dont think the dora room is for the Kevin’s other kids room. Her taste is awful!!

  8. doofus

    come on now people…

    little boys like Dora too. she’s not a “girly-girl” or barbie-like…she does things little KIDS like to do, not things little GIRLS like to do.

    and this may shock you, but I know little girls who like Bob the Builder…

  9. LM

    Guys — that’s probably Kori’s room…

  10. Scout

    There is NO WAY that is Britney’s house. First, those rooms are too small. The decor must be ostentatious to be believable. The cathedral celings are entirely too low, and they look like the inside of a double wide mobile home. Britney’s tacky, yes. But Britney’s version of tacky is an expensive one. We’re supposed to believe those skinny, plastic posts are on Britney’s 4 post bed? No way. The bragging Britney does about her sex life with Kfed does not jibe with that photo. Their actual bedroom surely looks like a 5 million dollar (albeit tacky-as-hell)whorehouse. Also, where all the huge photos of Brit and Kfed that you KNOW they have hanging everywhere?

  11. Moxie D.

    That’s her house alright… If you go to her official website and visit the “Love B” section and then go into the “dogs crib” you will see that where the bassinet sits used to be poor Bit Bit’s room…

  12. Scout

    Moxie D. I went to the site, I checked out the pics of Bit Bit’s old room and now I’m even more convinced that those are not photos of Britney’s house. Bit Bit’s room on her site is EXACTLY the kind of tacky, gaudy, whore-like, yet costly decor I expect of Britney. Just because the dog bed and the bassinet are both in a corner does not make that a room in Britney’s hell hole.

  13. Moxie D.

    True…But that god awful china hutch thingy, tacky flower display on the wall and *beautiful* curtain decor are all the same in both pics. Look closer…

  14. Andrea

    What is that thing on top of the other thing at the foot of the bed. A TV stand? What? Hideous plyboard crap.
    Whose ever room this is I hate it.

  15. s

    M.D. I’m sorry, that is not Britney’s house. Look at how LAVISH that dog’s bedroom is decorated! The rich colors, chandelier, the obvious attention to detail? None of that is evident in the photos above. If Britney put that effort into her dog’s bedroom, wouldn’t her own bedroom be at least as extravagant?

  16. Moxie D.

    Who knows…maybe she’s trying to go with her own version of trailer park trash minimalism now that she’s a *mom*.

  17. Scout

    M.D. I did see your point, though.

  18. twotoo

    My home is efin’ nicer than that and I live in a van down by the river!

  19. chica

    If you go on the same pics are there. Supposedly the Dora the explorer room is for Kevin’s daughter Kori. The britney had a decorator supposedly Bobby Trendy,the gay Asian guy from the Anna Nichole Smith show. He has a website his stuff is tacky to begin with.

    If I remember I think on Britney’s website she said she was leaving all the decorating to her mother for the nursery because she is very talented, I think it’s in the section Love, B section Stream of Consciousness. So maybe these photos are not her house.

    It doesn’t make sense if she let her mom do it why would Bobby Trendy do the room. She does have multiple houses so maybe that is a room in one of her houses.

  20. lola

    I’ve seen those tv stands before they are motorized, you push a button and the tv will go disappear and the stand just looks like furniture

  21. Scout

    I’ll have to take your word for it, Chica. I won’t visit ‘Pink is the new blog’ ever since it’s turned into one big ass kiss for any company that gives Trent free crap, or any ‘celebrity’ that gives Trent the time of day. It’s one big brown nosing jamboree over there.

  22. glitterjar

    with all her money, is this what they ended up with? its looks like a housing project’s interior.
    PITY……….is her hubby Fretarlean doing the decoration?

  23. little lulu

    what on earth is wrong with these people?

  24. Alesha

    y does everyone hsve do much hsrdh words to say to them they have done nothing to yall except maybe look a whole lot better thatn yall Kevin didnt do nothing to yall and neither did britney so yall all need to back down and lay off of them would yall like it if everyone came on the internet and talked crap about yall no didnt think so so back down and ohhhh by the way Britney Kevin Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Alesha, Could we’all come out to your trailer and watch your debut on Jerry Springer? I can’t belive that bitch called you ho-dog on national tv!
    Don’t forget to fix us your world famous spamburgers, see you later!

  26. anonymous

    Take it from me. This. is. her. house.

  27. gloria

    i think it is cute how there is dora the explorer stuff in brings out the nice sweet side of britney

  28. If you look on the pictures form her website , the first one of bit bits room has a shelf “thing” in it which is exactly the same as the one in the photos above!

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