Insert Your Own Caption

March 14th, 2005 // 17 Comments
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. katie

    hey, i used to get my picture taken with the cops who watched our dances in high school because he was hot. but oh hilary, who doesn’t look like herself, they’re not hot at all.

  2. How about just “EW!”?

  3. NB

    “Two Squares and a Rectangle”

  4. Carla

    NB, that’s just wrong! Although so is the picture.

  5. Transvestite Single’s Mixer

  6. mason

    “The Captain said she was easy. Boy was he right!”

  7. Just looks like three desperate pigs to me?

  8. Tracy

    The things you have to do to bail your punk rocker boyfriend out

  9. saint

    these comments are hilarious. i shot green tea out thru my nose reading this.

  10. J


  11. ed

    got any donuts?

  12. We all know what your really thinking…

  13. “Hilary Duff goes to rent-a-cop for security”

  14. Jacky

    Just one picture with these smelly officers and I don’t get a ticket! It’s good to be Hilary Duff

  15. nco

    Now that ive slept with the whole police squad, WHATCHOUT FIREMEN!

  16. dani

    yeah three-soms not as good as they used to be……

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