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May 6th, 2005 // 16 Comments

What ya thinkin’?

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. ClaudiaJayne

    We’re all waaaaaaaaa-sted.

  2. Ella

    No, honestly, we don’t smoke pot. We may have tried it once, but did not inhale.

  3. shishi

    the only ‘bamas ghetto enough to jock kimora lee simmons…

  4. AER

    Britney looks cuter than she’s looked lately. Kevin looks stupid, but what’s new. Wow, that kid is really ugly.

    Those were my thoughts, in that exact order.

  5. moss

    “my dad married britney spears and all i got were these ugly pink flipflops”

  6. Laura

    All I can say is— HE IS WEARING SHOELACES!!! Another sign of the apocolypse is here…

  7. elaina

    we hot-boxed the car for kori.

  8. Chela

    let’see what else can I do to jeoporadize my pregnancy?
    Carry this big ol kid
    Dye my hair
    Eat sushi
    Let this idiot smoke around me
    Drink starbucks

    Good Lord Woman, take care of your baby!!

  9. Weez



    Your not supposed to carry anything over 5 pounds.


    THE PATCH (for idiot father-to-be)

    Roots are okay…(you have an excuse).

    GREEN Vegetables and plenty of iron enriched foods.

    GET WITH IT BRIT- So far your not on the top 10 moms list.

  10. Steve

    Words escape me here.

  11. constance

    Is she serious picking up that child like that? Wasnt she at the hospital recently for premature contractions and bleeding????????????? She really is using poor judgement. Why cant her hubby carry the child?????????????????

  12. pinkpop

    what brit, you laid another smelly one. keep off the micky d’s, ‘kay?

    (third grade humor, i know)

  13. laura

    I am glad that she finally gave up her flat ole UGGs for more practical high heel cowboy boots when pregnant.

    I can’t wait to read Kori’s tell-all book in 15 years!

  14. i hope my daughter doesn’t weigh this much

  15. LoudLucy

    The Kid is CUTEEEEEEE. They should all go live in a trailer park somewhere.

  16. ICEMAN

    Who knew that a few Saturday night lays would end up like this?

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