Insane Teenager Not A Hannah Montana Fan

Miley Cyrus is having a rough time of it lately. I know she’s a red hot tween superstar and all, but she had a really bad week. It was bad enough when some pics of her on MySpace looking lascivious in a bikini popped up this week. But she also had to contend with the fact that some loony tune was arrested this week before he could hijack a plane and fly that bird straight into her concert! I know the music’s horrifying, but really. The 16 year old was arrested by airport police in Nashville after flying from LA.

“His stated intent was to hijack the airplane and commit suicide,” said George Bolds, an FBI spokesman in Memphis, Tennessee. “He did indicate he intended to die in Louisiana. It appears he had a ticket to Louisiana.” Dude also told them he intended to fly the jetliner directly into Miley Cyrus’ concert last night in Lafayette, Louisiana. Wacky. He was caught with a bag full of duct tape, rope, etc. Because there’s nothing more threatening to an airline pilot then a crazed teenager threatening to rip off all of his body hair. I’m glad that tragedy was averted but if god forbid, he had gone through with it maybe Miley would have gotten lucky and the double who plays her for part of the show would have been on stage at that moment. I kid, I kid.


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