Insane Cougar Comes to The Defense of Isaiah Washington, as Does Lesbian Scrub

January 31st, 2007 // 18 Comments

Sharon Stone’s crazy ass is spouting off about how Isaiah Washington’s damage control trip to therapy is ridiculous . Isaiah is also receiving support via haikus posted by Melissa Etheridge’s wife, Tammy Lynn Michaels. Uh, what is with the lesbians and the haikus? This bitch is ripping off Rosie O’Donnell. I knew my Sapphic sisters were into Xena re-runs, F-150′s and softball but haikus? This is really battering down those stereotypes. Dental dams away!

Sharon sez:

“‘I’ve been called a b*tch – and a lot worse – for years. And you know what, so what? People who think that aren’t going to change their minds,” she told the paper. “And I wouldn’t dream of sending them to therapy to ‘rehabilitate’ their feelings. How absurd. Please, I call all my gay friends ‘big fags’.”

That’s nice, Shar. Keep ya legs closed, Old.

Keep reading for what Tammy Lynn Whatever’s haiku plea for Isaiah had to say.

Gay actress Tammy Lynn Michaels, partner of rock star Melissa Etheridge, defended the actor in a posting on her blog, Hollywood Farm Girl. She says the Isaiah Washington that she has come to know through playdates with their respective children “is not that man” described in the press as a hot-tempered, homophobic outcast.

Michaels writes:

he is not a bad man …
i forgive his words,
because truth be told
i do not believe
the word
lives in his heart

It may not live in his heart, but it’s coming out of his damn lips! Melissa, put the kibosh on your wife’s antics. Rosie should sue her for ripping off her completely annoying way of expressing herself.

By J. Harvey

  1. augustine

    that haiku has 29 syllables….there should only be 17 syllables in a haiku, therefore it is just an awful poem.

  2. melissa mello

    Sharon is so right on this one!

  3. nini

    I think she’s right about the rehab crap. As far as I know, ideological rehabilitation doesn’t exist, unless listenting to your PR people’s advice and shutting the f*ck up so that you don’t lose your job is called “counseling”.

  4. desertrat

    Dear Sharon,
    Life is not an episode of “Will and Grace”. In real life, str8 people do not get to call gay guys “big f**s” in the same way that white people do not get to call black people “big n*****s”. Trust me…my gay doctor and the gay mayor of the town I live in would not take that crap from you nor anyone else. Nice try though.

  5. I call ALL my friends FAGGOTS:

    it’s not the word.
    it’s the energy behind it.

  6. mike

    Tammy Lynn, you can do better – resume you’re ‘Popular’ Nicole role and try again, thank yooouuu.

  7. dan savega at the villga voice has beren doing all this thing about putting another signifier to “faggot”.

    sorry my english. i’m from chile.
    women president. lot cooler than you.

  8. mike (again)

    sorry about the above – I do know the difference between your/you’re

  9. ZeldaF

    Is that the same “mike” that corrected me on using an “uppercase G” instead of a “lower case g”? If so, I think, MIKE, you’ve proven that you are (you’re) truly a zero wit, TOTAL moron. :-)

  10. Calling Sharon Stone ‘old’ is ridiculous in this day and age—and posting crummy pics of her only turns off a lot of readers.
    The woman is beautiful, oozes sex appeal, is an incredible humanitarian (she is a tireless fundraiser for a major AIDS charity). She’s a loving mother and a wonderful actress (hello: Golden Globe for ‘Casino.’) Oh, and she’s smart as they get and has the guts to say what she believes. I know I speak for a lot of women out there who think she is one heck of a fabulous chick and a super role model.

  11. ZeldaF

    Jenna – you are absolutely 100% correct in EVERYTHING you say!!!! The woman has more balls than most men I know!!! And she looks GORGEOUS!!!

  12. From now on. Every person that call a woman a BITCH or worse, should go to rehab. One user said that is not the word, but the energy behind it. Most men who call women those names are women abusers. Why then us women, should accept that type of abuse by anybody? Sharon is so RIGHT on this. Everybody other than women should be respected except women. No, 48 years old in not old, another abuser in it’s worse form.

  13. Yeah,I agree! Next person call me BITCH, I’m gonna sue their paints off for defimation. Gays have rights, men have rights, blacks have rights except for women. No More!!!!!!!!!

  14. Yeah,I agree! Next person call me BITCH, I’m gonna sue their paints off for defimation. Gays have rights, men have rights, blacks have rights except for women. No More!!!!!!!!!

  15. jacob

    well, the difference between Sharon calling her FRIENDS big fags and Isaiah is just that. i tolerate being called fag from my FRIENDS, but not when someone’s chocking me. he didn’t say it in a fun, your my best gay friend way… he said it in a derogatory manner to a hetrosexual man. that’s the difference here. i agree–rehab–not going to do him any good–unless it’s ANGER MANAGEMENT. AND TAMMY–well, i’m sure she’d feel differently had he called said “dyke” to a co-worker about her. i love melissa & tammy, but seriously…. where’s her support of the gay community. the word carries hurt & anger just like the rest–it’s not justified in THAT setting.

  16. Ani

    I’ve got two quick comments and I’ll shut up on this…

    1. Sharon Stone is 10000000000% right. Words have only the power you give them and no one can put you down without you letting them. Blah, blah, yadda, yadda.

    2. I think that logic applies more to TR than to Isaiah. I’ve been called a dyke before (among other things, but that’s the most relevant slur at the moment) so I know how it feels. However, you can’t affect what someone does, only how you react to it.

    3. Isaiah’s in therapy for his anger issues, not being a homophobe. Personally, I don’t think he’s homophobic, I just think he’s an idiot with anger issues who talks out of his ass when he gets pissed. Therapy is exactly where he should be.

  17. I’m a gay woman! People call me names all the time, I don’t care about those things. When you react to call calling, you given the power to the person who is calling you names. I call my freinds fags all the time. Rosie on Larry King, called a gossip columist a Nazi fag. I don’t hear anybody talking about that. Sharon friends are mostly gays, so I do understand what she’s saying. You big bigots are the people who doesn’t hang with gays, to know what Sharon is talking about. I do!!!!!!! Sharon has been a advocate for us gays. I’m sorry the Media is turning her words into something other than what she meant. Showing unflattering pictures of Sharon, doen’t work anymore. Sharon is very beautiful, who use her fame to help other. Sharon ROCKS!!!!!!!

  18. ceali

    First he uses the F word, then lies about it while using it again. There is just no excuse for hateful words such as that in this day and age. As for Tammy, there is no excuse for her using the media to get attention for herself on the backs of the gay community. She claims otherwise, but Truth is Obvious. Shame on her.

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