Indiana Jones Rides Again

The notoriously adventurous professor, Dr. Jones, is gearing up for the latest installment in George Lucas’ Indiana Jones chronicles. Being something of a closet Indiana Jones dork myself, I can’t help but admit that even though I’m way too old to be getting excited about this, I really hope there’s a giant boulder involved somewhere in there. From E! News Online:

n a press release Monday, Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford confirmed that the long-gestating fourth installment in the Indiana Jones saga would begin production in June. Lucas will produce via Lucasfilm, Spielberg will direct and Ford will dust off the fedora for one more go-round as the globe-hopping, adventure-seeking architect.

“George, Harrison and I are all very excited,” Spielberg said. Lucas chimed in by saying, “These films are such great fun to make. I’m looking forward to reuniting with the team and starting this new journey.”

But what I want to know is if Short Round is available. Because if Indy doesn’t have an amusing little sidekick running around yelling things like, “No time for love, Dr. Jones!” in a thick accent, I’m not sure how good the movie will be.

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