‘Indiana Jones’ debuts at Cannes

Many people were worried that Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull would not be received well at the Cannes Film Festival, but to the surprise of many it was deemed average and acceptable as a part of the well respected Spielberg series.

It was obvious to everyone that the applause was better at the beginning of the film than the end, but was there nonetheless despite a few titters about Cate Blanchett’s thick accent and a rather cheesy romantic ending.

The flick brought a lot of celebs out to the red carpet aside from its stars including a reunited Billy Zane and Kelly Brook, Michael Moore, Salma Hayek, Goldie Hawn and Christian Slater. Harrison looked more dashing than ever, which is reason enough to me to check the film out, despite what the critics say. This movie is going to be a hit regardless — Indiana Jones deals with aliens!

Photos: WENN

More photos of the movie premiere’s famous guests after the jump.

Photos: WENN