India Hemsworth Is Still The Cutest Baby Around, Hits The Town With Chris Hemsworth & Elsa Pataky [PHOTOS]

Chris Hemsworth Goes Glam
Chris looks super sexy for Empire.
Honestly world, how is India Hemsworth so cute?

Well, I guess it’s not too hard when your parents are uber hottie Chris Hemsworth and the super beautiful Elsa Pataky. The lovely family was spotted in Venice yesterday (April 1) going to–where else!–Whole Foods. Do you think these people go anywhere else?

Chris was sadly covering up his beautiful biceps yesterday. Luckily we got to see them on Easter, but that’s just not enough for us. Also, I can’t get over how adorable India’s hair looks blowing in the wind like that. I don’t think there’s anyway for this family to be any more perfect, right? 

So are you guys getting pumped to see Chris on the big screen a whole bunch this year? He’s got the new Thor movie plus his racer movie with the gorgeous Olivia Wilde, Rush. I’m super stoked about that on-screen pairing.

But not as stoked as I am when I see Chris with his actual family! Launch the gallery to check out all the family photos. Do you agree that India is the cutest celebrity baby ever? Like, of all the celebrity babies, she’s it.