‘Inception’ Red Carpet Premiere In Japan!

The Japanese are about to have their minds blown for the premiere of Christopher Nolan’s Inception. Many are talking about the ability of Nolan able to make a movie that reportedly cost $160 million without a built-in audience or tie-in to a video game, comic or TV show.

However, a strict condition placed on Nolan when he went to make this film is that financiers Warner Bros Films and Legendary Pictures get another Batman movie from him. Which I see as a win/win for everyone. Inception is smart and entertaining and action-packed, a feat that most movies can’t achieve anymore.

As film critic and blogger Jeff Wells observed on Hollywood Elsewhere: “It’s good to live in a world where highly intelligent $160 million movies are still being made.” The film is well on its way to making back its budget.

Check out Nolan, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Watanabe and more at the premiere!