‘Inception’ Is Completely Ruined For Me

Warner Brothers seems intent on giving away it’s newest big budget blockbuster Inception, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page, because between the earlier trailer, the trailer before that, and a newly released ‘featurette,’ I’ve pretty much seen it for free!

Which is fine for me; I’m a cheapskate with a short attention span.  

And frankly, I think this will only help sell the movie.  People really don’t like to gamble with their money anymore, even if the movie is directed by the great Christopher Nolan.  Why not head to the theater knowing what you’re getting?

The afore mentioned ‘featurette’ is after the jump, so check it out if you hate surprises!  We’ve also got some stills from the movie, in case there were a couple seconds that weren’t captured in the trailers.