In The (Real) News: Ooops. CNN Cuts To George W. Bush During Practice Speech

Like a deer caught in the headlights folks.

  • President George W. Bush’s plan to put troops on the U.S.-Mexico border to stem illegal migrants met mixed reactions in stressed border states — from support in Arizona to skepticism in California and New Mexico to outrage among Hispanic activists. Once again, the Mexican’s are at the forefront of the immigration issue. [Reuters]
  • We don’t want ads on our New York City subway walls. Do your thing by signing the petition. [NYP Straphangers]
  • Most stores and restaurants throughout São Paulo are closed today because the city has been in a state of chaos since last Friday due to the attack by the organized crime group Primeiro Comando da Capital or PCC. The violence was triggered by an attempt to isolate gang leaders by transferring eight of them on Thursday to a high-security facility hundreds of miles from the city. Scary stuff. [Made In Brazil]
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