In Case You Missed This

Do to our technical issues earlier you may have missed a few things. So here’s a mid-day recap of what we posted on earlier today:

- Josh Hartnett Just Drank Some Stank Water
- Shirtless Alex Meraz Talks ‘New Moon’
- Susan Boyle Mania Sweeps The Nation
- Drew Letterman Takes David Letterman Back To The 80s
- Patrick Swayze Looks Frail
- ‘New Moon’ Volturi Cast Finalized, Cameron Bright To Play Alec
- Which Couple Hasn’t Broken Up After All?
- Reese Witherspoon Takes One For The Team
- Pink & Carey Hart To Remarry?
- Linda Hogan Responds To Hulk Hogan’s O.J. Simpson Comments
- Eric Bana Turns Changing Clothes Into An Art Form
- Cristiano Ronaldo Celebrates Game Win By Stripping

This post was sponsored by Paris Hilton and boyfriend Doug Reinhardt’s evening in London. The couple is pictured leaving the Wolseley restaurant after dining with Guy Pelly and friends, before heading to the Mahiki nightclub in London. UK.