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December 19th, 2005 // 18 Comments

When you can see the veins in your boobs, it’s not a good thing.

Brittany Murphy has Stretch Marks [Egotastic]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Robin F

    Yikes!!! I never have thought she was that pretty anyway….

  2. netty

    I dont think she’s pretty at all, and to have veiny stretch marks at her age? GROSSS

  3. netty

    I dont think she’s pretty at all, and to have veiny stretch marks at her age? GROSSS

  4. mariootsa

    yeah, we all know women who have imperfections on their body don’t deserve love.

  5. Icequeen

    Oh please, there’s nothing wrong with imperfections, there’s a plethora of things wrong with smushing your tit in a dress in such a fashion that the implant is protesting.

    If she can afford all the procedures on her face, she should go all the way and get her breasts (re)done. And maybe you know, wear a decent supportive bra that doesn’t make your tit look like it’s trying to flee from your body.

  6. Lynn

    She was cute when she had the makeover in Clueless. She needs to add about 15 lbs and she would look alot better. But what happened to her upper lip?

  7. I think she’s very pretty compared to a lot of the actresses in Hollywood. She could have that gap in her face like Kate Moss or be missing her bottom jaw like Mischa Barton. I like her.

  8. Silasdog

    Uh, does she have any milk inside those juggs?

  9. akflave

    There are imperfections, and then there are flaws. She has crossed the Maginot into the latter territory.

  10. King Smart Ian

    A little tighter and she could use her tits for earmuffs

  11. SMroxs

    Hey, at least she hasn’t acted in anything recently… or been engaged to anyone recently. If the worst she’s going to do is throw her veiny tits in our face then be thankful for small favors!

  12. Uhm_Yeah

    Surprise! Women have stretch marks! You guys probably haven’t seen many boobs in real life. Stop watching porn.

  13. mariootsa

    exactly. if stretch marks and veins repulse you, you are in for a rude awakening when you run into real women with real boobs. sorry boys. maybe you should just turn gay.

  14. akflave

    However you need to make yourself feel better.

  15. boredperson

    why is no one recognizing those obvious mickey mouse ears? therein lies the tragedy. who cares about the boobs.

  16. PatrynXX

    Veins and stretch marks I can tolerate on fairly pretty celebrity faces. But isn’t there some sort of makeup she can use to cover those up?

  17. Mac

    I may be obsessed with boobs cause i dont care if Brittany Murphy has pushed her bobbs together so tightly that her skin shows the viens. I DONT CARE! jus let me grope her and im good

  18. xplicit

    you guys are crazy, britanny murphy’s hot hot hot and her boobs are perfect dumbasses

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