In Cameron Diaz’s Shoes

January 11th, 2006 // 9 Comments
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. GlamourPuss

    She looks like she is going through some sort of private hell…..On another note he skin seems to be looking alright.. I have seen pics, and she has got some major acne…..I wonder why she still has acne with all the money she has…..

  2. Carina

    Is there a wedding in her future? Seems like she is trying on various styles of wedding shoes. White is definitely not in season.

  3. Anna

    You know, I agree, her skin is looking much better here. Turns out all she has to do is cover her face with her hands, and PRESTO! Instant improvement.

  4. Blindqueen

    I spy a bunion!!!

  5. sara

    i think she serch for wedding shoes . coz all the shoes near her are white . i think her wedding will be soon .

  6. Fugly Girl

    Do I spy a ring on her left ring finger?

  7. the girl from oz

    yeah i thought for sure they had too be wedding shoes, no one trys on hidiously ugly white satin shoes unless its for a wedding…

    BTW i love the not having to sign in to post, i always had trouble trying to sign in…

  8. bb

    um i understand cameron has rosacea, which looks sort of similar to acne. it never goes away, you can only try to control outbreaks.

  9. jacquie

    No but I think there’re some zits on her left hand ring finger.

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