In A Shocking Turn Of Events, Pamela Anderson Has Filed For Divorce

UPDATE: TMZ is now reporting that the couple are back on again. According to Pam’s website, the two are “working things out.” Gee, could it have anything to do with that reality show of theirs? You’re welcome for the free publicity, guys.

It’s alternately amusing/infuriating that homos are only allowed to legally marry in one state in this country because people think that marriage is this sacred institution or whatever. Yet, this dumpster of a woman can get married for .02 seconds and divorce at will to marry the next guy with a penis that momentarily gets her attention and that’s A-OK. How come no one gives HER any shit about it? Pamela Anderson has filed for divorce from Paris Hilton sextape partner Rick Saloman. They were married in a totally elegant ceremony this past October. In like a casino lobby or something because she had to be on in five or something. Pam has been working as a magician’s assistant and I don’t know what her sleazy soon to be ex-husband does. Once you nail Paris Hilton, you must have to spend time getting complicated treatments or something until scientists figure out how to degrossify you. That must take up a lot of your week.

This marriage of Pam’s lasted 72 days. Her marriage to Kid Rock was for three drunken months, and she was married to Tommy Lee for a couple of years. She’s really paring it down so she can do that weeklong marriage thing. Is it for the gifts? What do her kids say about her succession of dirtier and dirtier husbands? “Ma, is that your new husband?” “No, sweetie, that’s the garbageman. But now that you mention it…”