In The Details, 2013 Met Ball Accessories

The 2013 Met Ball brought a lot of “ooohs” and “awhs” and plenty of cringes but even if outfits were a disaster, the accessories were a hit!

Spotted: studs and spikes galore. OMG Delicious! If you’re into that of course… There was a wide variety of punk couture interpretations on the red carpet but most incorporated glitzy elegant embellishments and metals.

A common decoration amongst the faux punks, as predicted by Refinery 29,  were safety pins. Morgan Saylor’s held a gnarly safety pinned clutch with a safety pin handle. Zooey Deschanel had a very Zooey Edie Parker clutch with a printed safety pin. W Magazine editor Giovanna Battaglia adorned her head with a rather interesting safety pin headband that I predict may become a fad soon.

Other very memorable pieces include the one and only, Sarah Jessica Parker’s Philip Treacy headpiece and her over-the-knee velvet plaid Louis Vuitton boots, Miranda Kerr’s Christian Louboutin spiked clutch, Beyonce’s baroque Givenchy boots, and Jennifer Morrison’s J. Herwitt spider rings and necklace. But the gold goes to the rad Olympia Le-Tan clutch Michelle Williams was holding.

Just when we thought grunge was fizzling out, the Met Ball reassured us that we can continue to wear our tarnished studs for another season. Check out the gallery to see some cutting-edge pieces that you will probably lust over!