In Honor Of The Olympics: Our 25 Favorite Brits [PHOTOS]

Michael Phelps breaks record!
The swimmer is now the most decorated Olympic athlete.
Royals at the Olympics
The royal family cheers on cousin Zara Phillips.
I’m not sure how this tiny island across the pond produces so many significant stars, but I’m certainly not complaining!

From power couple David and Victoria Beckham to songstress Adele, we appreciate all these stars do, including making the trip overseas. These imports have made epic movies, played some of our favorite characters, written and performed our most cherished songs and made dreams come true. While that last one is a stretch (is it really though? Harry Potter…), the USA really does need to thank the country of Great Britain for all of the hotties they have shared with us.

So in the spirit of the London 2012 Olympics, here’s to you England! Here’s to you and all of your talent you have produced in our lifetime. Check out the gallery for the USA’s favorite 25 British exports in the form of athletes, actors, singers, and models.