In Case You Were Curious, Jeremy Renner Hung Out With Abbie Cornish Last Night

Jeremy Renner & His Dog
Jeremy Renner hangs with man's best friend.
Well, now isn’t this a fun turn of events?

Yesterday we got a quick look at Jeremy Renner heading to the Robocop after party, which would have been enough for us. But then–because the world is a giving place today–we got these shots of Jeremy leaving the party with one, Miss Abbie Cornish.

Jeremy tried to cover up his face from the paparazzi, while Abbie could not stop giggling. The duo got into the same car, which apparently then drove them to Abbie’s hotel. 

Now obviously, none of this is confirmed, other than the fact that they got in the same car, as we can all see that in the photos. Honestly guys, I kinda hope something is going on. He’s hot, she’s hot, they’d look good on the red carpet together–they’ve got all the good points of a Hollywood couple.

Still, as nothing is confirmed, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Jeremy and Abbie leaving last night’s party. What do you think is going on? Sound off in the comments!