Imogen Heap: 2010 Grammy Awards

Most of us are wondering what Lady Gaga will be stunning us with at the 2010 Grammy Awards. But giving her a run for her money is British singer/songwriter Imogen Heap who accepted her Grammy Award for Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical for Ellipse… in a “Twitter Dress”.

And if that wasn’t enough, she accessories with a weird umbrella. Um, ok.

According to Mashable, the specially crafted “Twitter Dress” has “its own Twitter feed [and] displays Twitter pics sent by fans in real-time using the hashtag #twitdress.”

Wow. She’s taking social media to all new levels! However, I will be sticking with Socialite Life to see if Lady Gaga can top that – and I have all faith that she will, as I am a dedicated little monster.

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