Andy Roddick Tackles The Man Purse

June 28th, 2006 // 7 Comments

What would we do without tennis player Andy Roddick’s blog. While we think he’s just adorable, we also think his kind of an idiot. What do we learn from Andy? Here are some choice tidbits:

Self Chuck of the Week– I have seen some guys walking around with man purses here in London…. anything bigger than a money clip or a wallet is to be left to your girlfriend / wife…and just so we are clear you should not be able to throw your “wallet” over a shoulder…if you have a man purse, the wall is waiting.

Butthead of the week– Kevin Federline…he really did nothing out of the ordinary, but let’s be honest. this was inevitable.

Fine of the Week– my sister in law Ginger wins again…she was groggy from a hard nights sleep and went into the bathroom in the morning to take an aspirin for a headache…only she took a sleeping pill instead….. must have been a fun rest of the day.

I’m sure Ginger is thrilled that Andy shared that tidbit with the world. Oh, and he apparently loved The DaVinci Code. I rest my case.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Martin Von Beannie Man

    While very talented on the court, like most star athletes, his father pushed sport, not education. His brain is truly the size of Britney’s.

    Let’s not forget, most famous stars didn’t go to college. Heck, some didn’t even finish H.S. That’s why it’s fun to watch talk shows. That’s when you really see who has an IQ and who id dumb as dirt!

  2. tim

    Actually Martin, that “talent on court” has not been around for quite a while. Roddick has proven himself to be nothing but superficial, ignorant, and prejudice. Great attributes for a someone who relishes being his country’s representative.

  3. agreed tim, his “mojo” is looooong gone. maybe if he shut up and concentrated his energy on-court he wouldn’t be an “also-ran” on the ATP Tour

  4. hd

    While I agree that Andy’s tennis prowess has been off lately, I must strongly disagree with your comments about his intelligence. He’s not only sharp and quick on his feet (mentally, I mean), he’s also QUITE funny, and I don’t mean in an immature, poo-poo humor kind of way, either.

    To be the kind of humorous he is takes smarts, I believe.

    (None of this to suggest one way or another whether or not he should have a blog. I’m just sayin’…)

  5. mandy

    He is very funny and his blog is for the intention of those who follow his tennis. It is intended to be funny, and it is. For him to be not so smart, he sure is very rich…certainly much more than you and me. He is handsome, funny, a gifted athlete who yes, now disappoints some because he is not on the top of his game at the moment, but how many can say they won a grand slam title and was ranked #1 in the world. He represents his country very well, thank you very much. While ranked #3 in tennis at Davis Cup for the USA, both Federer and Nadal who were ranked higher watched from home while their countries lost in the first round. Again, some of us enjoy what he has to say. And after his tennis, while you and I continue to work our tails off every day until retirement, this tennis hottie can sit on his lake in Austin and watch the sunrise and sunset, and play his poker and all that while he sits on his millions that he has worked very hard for. Not too many can say that they have accomplished what he has…and he is only 23. So, while you don’t necessarily like his blog, some of us are left to defend and attack stories about him, while millions read about him and enjoy him. hmmmmmmm..

  6. beatnik

    I think his blog is funny and good-natured. I don’t see anything wrong with his comments about manbags. Blogs are made for stating personal opinions and he stated his. There’s no need to call him an idiot for it. And by the way, millions of people loved The DaVinci Code, so he’s not alone in that.

    What’s your favorite book? The Shopaholic series?

  7. AROD

    Yea, a blog is someone’s opinion….and he is definitely entitled to it. You can’t imagine how many people on Andy’s forum write about when he is going to write the next one. He has a very nice following….he is a handsome, good natured boy who is great for tennis, great for charity work (did you start your charity at age 18 to help kids in need???) and great for yougn tennis kids to have someone to look up to. And if you are famous enough for people to want to read it week end and week out, then you are already way up on most of the rest of the world. Looks like you are the idiot, and Andy and Tom Hanks can laugh at you all the way to the bank. Ha ha

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